People can change.

November 06 2020

“I moved into St Pauls Hostel at one of the lowest points in my life.  Suffering with a self-destructive mind set.  I was isolated, afraid and I felt worthless. The staff and my counsellor were able to listen to me and help me look positively into having a future, relieving me from pressures of my life.  They welcomed me into a safe place to live.  Supported me through a transformation filled with new positivity.  I have a space to rebuild my life, regather my thoughts and also eat well.

St Pauls is not just a cluster of rooms with concrete walls and empty halls.  It’s filled with help and fun things to do.  St Pauls have great staff. The support, the security,the chance to start again, all avenues of help are available without any judgement.

From temporary accommodation to memories I won’t forget. 

St Pauls is a place to embrace.”