Our mission and approach

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    Our mission: To help people live through homelessness


    Our approach to achieve our mission:

    At St Paul’s we use trauma as a lens through which we look to understand why a person arrives at our door. In our experience, trauma – often from early life relationships and often recurring – is prevalent in many of the people who come to us for help.

    We recognise the damage trauma can do to the character of a person and the negative effect it has on the choices they have. In reversing these effects we have learnt that trust is the essential ingredient. Building trust can take time, persistence and for the person giving their trust, courage.


    In our day to day activities our staff and volunteers undertake three core tasks;

    1. Build psychological safety

    2. Nurture and strengthen appropriate relationships

    3. Connect people to the friendships, help and support they need to live an inter-dependent life


    To underpin our approach all of our staff and volunteers

    Work as a team.

    Come to work or volunteer because they want to help people.

    Are approachable, authentic and reflective.

    Listen, they hear and they try to understand the person in front of them.

    Lead by example.

    Model the right behaviours so people are inspired to follow.

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