Tree of Life Project

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  • Tree of Life Project

  • Tree of Life Project

    The Tree Of life Project is a Lottery Funded project that aims to ‘Enhance the life chances of single homeless or vulnerably housed people by improving their social integration’

    This project will be led by St Paul’s Skills Development and Community Engagement Manager. This project aims to fill the community with the voices of people who were or are homeless. We want to change the negative connotations that surround homelessness and challenge those same negative attitudes at the same time.

    We are a charity passionate about positive change.

    Included within the fund is a budget for a kitchen project.

    The kitchen project is headed by our Chef Gregg Dobson. This project runs to help our residents learn basic life skills or to help them get back into the workforce.

    Below are the 4 main objectives/ outcomes of the fund:

  • The Outcomes

    Outcome 1:

    A more tolerant community because we have explained causes and effects of homelessness and single homeless will feel less stigmatized.

    Outcome 2:

    Single homeless improve their numeracy, literacy and digital skills through attending the skill development activities in the project.

    Outcome 3:

    There will be an improvement in the self-esteem and self-confidence of single homelessness people who use the project.

    Outcome 4:

    Single homeless will improve their employment opportunities by using the project to improve their motivation and work readiness.

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